Sergio Aguero Quits Playing football


Sergio Agüero had inevitably imagined another end of career. Having arrived free at Barça after ten years in the heyday of Manchester City, the Argentine striker was counting on a final challenge on the Old Continent before returning home. And incidentally evolve alongside his friend Lionel Messi. Alas, the seven-time Ballon d’Or was finally forced to leave the Blaugrana and the ex-Citizen’s adventure in Catalonia was limited to five meager appearances.

For his fifth match with the Catalan club, Sergio Agüero was indeed forced to leave the lawn shortly before the break, victim of chest pain. Hospitalized, the native of Buenos Aires was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. And although it was initially a matter of a few months’ absence, the Argentina striker was ultimately declared unfit for top-level sport, having to resolve to end his career. A retreat that the former Mancunien formalized on Wednesday at a press conference.

“This conference is to say that I have decided to stop playing football. It’s a very difficult time. This decision, I made it for my health, he confided in front of the microphones. I was worried like the medical staff who did their best. But the best thing is to stop playing. I made that decision ten days ago but I wanted to tell everyone that I did everything to be hopeful, but there really wasn’t any more. ”


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