Road toll fees to start on 8th January 2022 On Kampala Entebbe Express Way



The Uganda national roads authority says it will start charging users of the Kampala Expressway on the 8th of this month, as they still put in place their systems. The roads agency will start issuing the payments cards today, and one is required to have either a national ID or passport to acquire one.

Once can use cash or cards but for cash it comes with discounts and the card for monthly is 70% discounted, weekly card is 50% discounted, Road users are advised to slow down as approach the toll point and if you damage any of the property on the road you are to pay for it.

The free services to be offered by Entebbe express contractors are

  • When the vehicle gets any mechanic problem, the contractors can help you to take it to the nearest toll station as you repair it from that designated area.
  • Tyre punches are done for free by the Entebbe Express Contractors

Authorized motorcycles on the road will pay 3,000 , saloon cars of two axles  will pay 5,000, Light vehicles of 2-3 axles will pay 10,000 , large goods vehicles and buses of 4 to 5 axles will pay Ugx.15,000, large good vehicles of 6 and more axles are to pay 18,000


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