Sheila Gashumba Allegedly Cheats On Rickman With A City Tycoon


TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba is in the spotlight again for cheating on her boyfriend, Rickman.

According to blogger, Ritah Kaggwa, Sheilah has reportedly been sleeping with sports enthusiast, Moses Muhangi, who is the President of the Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF)

Kaggwa claims she has a video in which Sheilah is serving her sumbie to Muhangi in a car.

According to Kaggwa, Sheilah doesn’t love Rickman whom she fronts as her true love.

Kaggwa also insists that Sheilah seeks sexual pleasure from South African musician, Face Off.

“You travel to South Africa to sleep with Face Off,”  Kaggwa said in a video directed at Sheilah.

Sheilah and South African musician, Face Off, dated before she moved on to Fik Fameika.

It is said that they met on one of Sheilah’s trips to South Africa.

Sheilah is yet to respond to the accusations made against her.


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